Why And When You Need To Align Your Car Tyres

You might have noticed tyre alignment and balancing centres alongside tyre shops in most places. Tyre alignment is an essential and regular part of maintaining your car.

When do I need to go for tyre alignment?

Typically, if your car is swaying towards a side, it is a sign that it requires alignment immediately. Also, if you have changed tyres, you need to get it done. If your wheels are correctly aligned, the steering wheel should go back to the centre position after it has been turned. During alignment, tyres are adjusted longitudinally and balanced using weights.

What are benefits of tyre alignment?

  1. Good handling
  2. Increase in tyre lifespan
  3. Good grip
  4. Lower vibration
  5. Better fuel efficiency

When should you get alignment done?

There is no time frame as to when it should be done. Tyre maker Ceat recommends doing it once in 2 to 3 years, unless you have replaced the tyre recently or been in an accident or there is uneven wear or tilting in the car. Some car manufacturers recommend getting it done every 10,000 km or during service. You need to do it earlier if you drive more on rough terrains.

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