4 Accused In Rape And Murder Of Telangana Vet Killed In Encounter

Hyderabad: All four accused arrested in the gang-rape and murder of a Priyanka Reddy, a young veterinarian in Telangana were killed late on Thursday night as they tried to escape during investigations at the same spot where the woman’s body was found, the police said on Friday.

According to police, the four accused- Mohammed (26), Jollu Shiva (20), Jollu Naveen (20) and Chintakunta Chennakeshavulu (20) were taken to the scene of the crime at Chatanpally at 3 am for a reconstruction as part of investigations when one of the men signalled to the others, possibly to escape.

There are also reports that two of the men attacked the police and tried to snatch weapons from them.

“The accused Mohammed Arif, Naveen, Shiva and Chennakeshavulu were killed in a police encounter at Chatanpally, Shadnagar today between 3 am and 6 am. I have reached the spot and further details will be revealed,” Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar told the media.

The young woman’s rape and murder had triggered rage and horror across the nation after her body, badly burnt, was found last week near Hyderabad.

The incident had taken place on November 27 when the four accused, all truck-drivers and cleaners, saw the woman park her scooter near a toll-booth. She left for a dermatology appointment. They allegedly punctured a tyre of the scooter and had drinks while waiting for her. When she returned, they pretended to help, gang-raped her at a deserted spot, strangled her and burnt her body to destroy evidence.

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