48 Estuarine Crocodile Nests Found In Bhitarkanika


Kendrapara: Forest staff at the Rajnagar Wildlife Division have spotted 48 nests inside the Bhitarkanika National Park in Odisha’s Kendrapada district, as the breeding season of estuarine crocodiles has set in.

Out of the 48 nests, 45 have been spotted in Kanika Wildlife Range, two in Rajnagar and one in Mahakalapada range. The nesting process will continue for the next three weeks.

As informed by forest staff, the female crocodile usually find a place around 5 metres away from the river bank to lay their eggs. After identifying a place, male crocodiles collect leaves and build a nest about 4 feet above the ground in which the female crocodile lays eggs. The eggs are then covered with leaves and straws. Each female crocodile lays around 40-50 eggs from which the hatchlings come out after 75 days.

The forest department bans tourist entry into the park for three months from May 1 to July 31 in view of the breeding season. During this season the crocodiles turn very aggressive and can attack people without provocation.

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