A Teaspoonful Of Coronavirus Has Infected 55 Million People Globally!


London: The COVID-19 infection has affected over 55 million people and killed 1.3 million worldwide since the pandemic struck in March.

Guess the total volume of coronavirus that has wreaked so much havoc in the world?

It’s a minuscule 8 ml, or 0.2 fluid ounces of the virus that has infected so many human lives around the world. In other words, it amounts to a little more than a teaspoon, the Daily Mail has reported.

A standard teaspoon holds 6 ml of liquid.

Australian mathematician Matt Parker has come up with the astounding figure by making several assumptions. But he added that all the COVID-19 virus on the planet would fit inside a shot glass even at the upper end of his estimates.

“All the chaos in the world is down to a teaspoon’s worth of trouble,” he said on his podcast. “A virus particle is very small, it’s just the code to wreck other cells.”

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