Alternative Assessment: Know How Plus II Students Will Be Awarded Practical Score

Bhubaneswar: The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) has asked schools and Plus II colleges to ensure that practical marks awarded to students in a particular range do not exceed the average range of the last three years.

The notification issued on Friday said that the scores would be awarded in the range of 0 to 70 per cent, 71-80 per cent, 81-90 per cent, 91-99 per cent and 100 per cent.

If 40 per cent of students of a school had received practical scores in the range of 91-99 pc in the last three years, the number of those getting practical scores in this range this year should not exceed the same. Any deviation in this assessment method will lead to non-submission of scores in the marking system, it added.

This would help maintain transparency and prevent random marking at the school level, an official said.

Here are the other specifications:

— The internal examiner will award the marks the basing on the practical records, the performance of the examinee in the regular laboratory work experiments in the practical classes and the performance of the examinee in the 10th Board examination. All necessary inputs will be provided by the higher secondary schools to the internal examiners.

—The practical marks awarded by the internal examiner will be verified and corrected by the head of the concerned department. In the case of a single-man department, the practical marks awarded by the internal examiner are to be re-checked and corrected by him/her before submission.

—The practical marks will be awarded and re-checked by the internal examiner and head of the department keeping in view the average range of practical marks of the same institution in the relevant paper during the last three years (2018, 2019 and 2020) and the marks shall be allotted to each examinee in a graded manner under the supervision of the principal. For this purpose, each department with practical is required to prepare a table with the range of marks and number of examinees against each range for the last three years as per instructions of CHSE.

—The internal examiner, head of the department and the principal will be required to furnish a certificate to the CHSE that the marks in practical subjects have been awarded after careful assessment as per instructions of the CHSE and are in conformity with the average range of practical marks obtained by the examinees of this higher secondary school during the last three years.

—If any discrepancy is found in the average marks of the students during the last three years, the concerned higher secondary school will be served a show-cause notice.

— lf any examinee fails to submit the practical Records in time, no score will be awarded and the same will be reported to CHSE. ln such cases, proportionate marks will be awarded by the CHSE taking into account the score awarded in the theory Component of the concerned paper.

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