An Artist’s Expression With ‘Smallest’ Chariot Of Lord Jagannath


Berhampur: After Rubelal Pradhan of Angul made an attempt with enter the Limca Book of Records with 3.5-inch ‘Nandighosha’, another artist has come up with an even smaller version of the chariot of Lord Jagannath.

Satya Maharana of Berhampur has constructed a miniature of ‘Nandighosha’ of 2.5 inches high and two inches width.

It took him four days to construct the chariot, which has 16 wheels and four horses. He has placed a one-centimetre idol of Lord Jagannath inside the chariot. The height of the charioteer is 1.5 centimeters.

Maharana claims that his chariot, weighing eight grams, is the smallest in the world and the Guinness Book of Records has given its consent for giving it a special tag.

In 2017, he had made an 8.5-inch ‘Nandighosha’ chariot.

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