Anushka Celebrates ‘Big Day’ At Home With Virat; What’s The Occasion?

Mumbai: One of Virat Kohli’s favourite dishes is chole bhature. The problem was, the former Team India captain and his wife Anushka Sharma searched and searched, but couldn’t find a restaurant in Mumbai which served chole bhature measuring up to Delhi standards.

Finally, Virat and Anushka discovered an eatery on Wednesday which makes Delhi-style chole bhature!

The couple was over the moon, as expressed in a series of posts by Anushka on social media.

“Today is a big day in our home. Finally after what seemed like a never-ending search (honestly I had given up) for ekdum (literally) Delhi jaise (Delhi-like) Chole Bhature in Mumbai, I am more than happy to announce that this search has ended and I have given my ecstatic joy. Those who know him know his love for chole bhature. The one cheat meal he has no guilt over. He watches Delhi chole bhature videos in his free time,” Anushka wrote in Instagram.

“And finally after today he is feeling like Mumbai has done it. So here is presenting in the next picture the photo of the source of immense joy and satisfaction in our household today. And I have @aupmanyu to thank for posting this story a few days back and doing the hard work for all chola bhature lovers like himself,” Anushka stated.

“To the amount of nakchade reactions I’ve got from him on Mumbai chole bhature shops (and believe me he is the most gentle, non-snobbish easy going person otherwise). Today I sit with my feet up with the satisfaction of having run a marathon (the closest I will come to running a marathon anyway). This is it folks, over and out,” she signed off.

The Mumbai eatery couldn’t have hoped for better promotion. After such recommendation from a celebrity couple, it won’t be any surprise if their sales shoot up in the coming days.

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