Buzz Aldrin, 2nd Man To Walk On Moon, Gets Married For 4th Time On 93rd Birthday!

New York: Buzz Aldrin is the only surviving member of the historic Apollo 11’s mission to the moon in 1969.

To celebrate his long life, the American astronaut got married to his longtime girlfriend on Friday – when he turned 93. It’s his fourth marriage.

Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, took to Twitter to share pictures with his wife Dr Anca Faur, stating that they tied the knot in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles.

“On my 93rd birthday & the day I will also be honored by Living Legends of Aviation I am pleased to announce that my longtime love Dr Anca Faur & I have tied the knot. We were joined in holy matrimony in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles & are as excited as eloping teenagers,” the former astronaut wrote.

Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface 19 minutes after Neil Armstrong became the first human being to walk on the moon, on July 21, 1969. Michael Collins was the third member of the crew.

Aldrin, who retired from NASA in 1971, founded the ShareSpace Foundation — a non-profit organisation to promote expansion of crewed space exploration – in 1998.

Alrdrin’s post has attracted around 2 million views with over 25,000 likes.

Congratulating the couple, some users wrote: “You must be over the moon!”

Another wrote: “Happy birthday, Buzz, and congratulations on your marriage. I’m thrilled for you. As always, you did it in style.”

Among other significant comments, one person wrote: “WOW! Congratulations Colonel Aldrin! Life begins at 93! All the best.”

Another comment read: “My Man.  Landing on the moon comes second to landing Dr. Faur. Much happiness to you both.”

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