Cancellation Of Class XII Board Exams Might Herald New System Of Merit


Bhubaneswar: A majority of students across the country are rejoicing at the moment, for a historical decision has been put forth. This is likely the first time that the Class 12 Boards have been cancelled.

But it is not a victory for every student, as some feel this crumbles their future aspirations and opportunities. The Government press release reads that a compilation of the results of Class XII students will be made ‘as per well-defined objective criteria in a time-bound manner. However, neither is the objective yet defined nor is the time within which it will be bound. That the students who wish to, shall be allowed to give the board exams, later on, is a bleak reassurance, with no guarantee as to when.

Amid the country trying to come to grips with melancholy and death and a possible third wave, cancellation of the boards was most likely the best option. But this only increases the importance of organising a way of assessment to avoid injustice to the students at large.

What students fear the most is losing out on meritious institutions, which could have been a stepping stone to a successful career and life. Keeping this fear in thought, they should also consider that it was practically and rationally quite impossible to accommodate 12 lakh students for an offline exam. And an online board exam could only be a disaster in the making.

After the Central government’s decision on the CBSE exams, it is only sensible that the state boards follow suit. It is a joy that our system will now be exploring other options of merit rather than hanging onto a stone-age method. But it is sad and intriguing that it took a world-dominating virus to bring about a few changes in our country’s tradition.



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