‘Chhadakhai’: People Throng Non-Veg Markets In Odisha Capital, Check Today’s Rates

Bhubaneswar: People across Odisha thronged markets to buy their favourite non-vegetarian items as the holy month of Kartika, when animal killing is also prohibited and eating non-vegetarian food is a big ‘no, no’ too, came to an end under the shadow of a total lunar eclipse the previous day.

After a month of pious diet, it’s time to go pompous on the plate. It is ‘Chhadakhai’ time and a day for the foodies to indulge themselves in some non-vegetarian ‘sin’ when households prepare mutton curry (Mansha Jhola), fish fry (Machha Bhaja), crab curry (Kankada Jhola), and mustard prawn (Chingudi Besara) to fish head cooked with dal and selected vegetables (Mudhi Ghanta).

There was a rush at Unit-4 market, Unit-8 market, Damana market, Chandrashekharpur market, and many other fresh non-veg kiosks across the capital city and people were seen buying fish, crab, prawn, egg, mutton, and chicken.

The price of 1 kg mutton is Rs 700, while 1 kg country chicken costs Rs 400, and broiler a kg is being sold at Rs 240 at Unit-4 market. ‘Rohu’ and ‘Bhaakura’ are available for Rs 200 to 250 a kg, tiger prawn is being sold at Rs 600-700 a kg while medium-sized prawn costs Rs 400-450 a kg, ‘Ilisi” fish Rs 800- Rs 2000 a kg, Pomfret Rs 700 a kg, and crab Rs 550 a kg.

Due to the heavy demand for non-veg items, the sellers usually raise the prices on this day. Fish is also imported in view of people’s demands.

Hotels and restaurants across the state are also likely to see a huge footfall on Wednesday.

Historically, the ritual began with the Bali Jatra festivities. As per the old Spice Route records, the wind changed its direction around this time. So the sailors, fishermen, and traders set out for their voyage during this time. The farewell to the sailors, fishermen, and traders was celebrated with a big feast with a variety of non-veg food. During mid-November, the meat used to be better and the fish would move toward the coast.

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