China Shrugs Off Wuhan Origin Blame, Says COVID-19 Broke Out In Various Parts Of World Last Year


New Delhi: China on Friday made audacious claims that COVID-19 pandemic didn’t originate from Wuhan but broke out in various parts of the world last year, and also that it was the first country to report about coronavirus.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said: “The epidemic broke out in various places across the world towards the end of last year, while China was the first to report the outbreak, identified the pathogen and shared the genome sequence with the world”.

She also denied allegations made by the United States that the virus emerged from a bio-lab in Wuhan as well as the wet market theory.

“On January 23, as China placed Wuhan on lockdown, there were only nine confirmed cases outside China and the US had only one.

“On February 2, when the US closed its border to Chinese citizens, the US only officially confirmed a dozen cases. Now the confirmed cases in the US exceeded 7.5 million and 2.10 lakh deaths,” she said.

She blamed the US for not being able to handle the pandemic despite having the best medical resources. “How could the most powerful country on earth with the best medical resources on hand s**** up the tests so badly. Why hasn’t the US discovered this virus at the earliest and why hasn’t it taken prompt measures to test as many people as possible to prevent and control the spread of this virus?” she asked.

US President Donald Trump recently warned China that it will have to “pay a big price for coronavirus pandemic”.

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