CISCE Explains ICSE & ISC Exam 2021 Question Paper Format & Answer Booklet; Check Here

New Delhi: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) had declared last month that the first-term board exams for classes X and XII will be held in offline mode.

While the Semester 1 exam will be held in the MCQ format, the candidates will be given Question Paper-cum-Answer Booklets.

According to instructions, the candidates are required to write on these booklets only and submit it to the Invigilators at the end of the exam.

Sheets for doing rough work will be provided in the question paper-cum-answer booklet for those subjects where calculations, diagrams are required, like, Mathematics, Physics, Accounts etc. Candidates will not be allowed to take separate sheets of paper for rough work.

Instructions to the candidates are as below:

  1. Candidates should write Unique ID and Index Number in the space given.
  2. Answers to the questions are to be written in the space provided. For example: What is the capital of India? (a) Mumbai (b) Kolkata (c) New Delhi (d) Chennai Answer: (c).
  1. The selected choice of the answer must be clearly written in the space provided. Overwriting must be avoided.
  2. Only one option indicating the selected answer should be written in the space given. More than one option, if written, will not be considered for evaluation.
  3. Rough work, if any, must be done in the sheets provided in this booklet for Rough Work. No separate sheet should be used for rough work.
  4. Candidates seeking, receiving and/or giving assistance during the examination will be disqualified. (Refer to details given on pages 9-11 of the document — ICSE Year 2022 Regulations & Syllabuses).
  5. This Question Paper-cum-Answer Booklet should not be taken outside the Examination Hall/Room.
  6. If candidates complete their paper before the completion of the writing duration time, they must remain seated in the Hall / Room till the end of the examination.
  7. After completion of the Examination, this Question Paper-cum-Answer Booklet must be handed over by the candidate to the Invigilator.
  8. Candidates are advised not to leave their Question Paper-cum-Answer Booklet unattended at any time. 11. The Supervising Examiner will give you permission to leave the Hall/ Room only after all the Question Paper-cum-Answer Booklets have been collected from all the candidates present in the Examination Hall/room.

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