Coming Soon: An ‘Edit Tweet’ Button To Modify Your Post On Twitter

San Francisco: Users have often wondered why they can’t edit a post on Twitter, unlike Facebook.

Very soon, that is set to change as Twitter has begun testing the ‘Edit Tweet’ feature internally.

“If you see an edited Tweet it’s because we’re testing the edit button this is happening and you’ll be okay,” the popular microblogging site tweeted on Wednesday.

The social media giant announced on Thursday that the feature can be accessed by Twitter Blue subscribers sometime in September itself.

“Edit Tweet is a feature that lets people make changes to their Tweet after it’s been published. Think of it as a short period of time to do things like fix typos, add missed tags, and more,” the social media giant stated, adding it will be available to users who pay $4.99 (around Rs 397) per month for a subscription to Twitter Blue.

“For this test, Tweets will be able to be edited a few times in the 30 minutes following their publication. Edited Tweets will appear with an icon, timestamp, and label so it’s clear to readers that the original Tweet has been modified. Tapping the label will take viewers to the Tweet’s Edit History, which includes past versions of the Tweet,” the statement added.

Twitter elaborated that since this is their “most requested feature to date, we wanted to both update you on our progress and give you and a heads up that, even if you’re not in a test group, everyone will still be able to see if a Tweet has been edited.”

To include an edit button or not has been debated at Twitter for years. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had said in January 2020 that an edit button was highly unlikely.

But such was public demand that the social media major had to finally give in.

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