COVID Scare Back In Delhi; Hospitalizations Double, Active Cases Rise

New Delhi: Memories of a devastating second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, especially the nation’s capital, have still not faded. Despite its continued presence, the coronavirus has not caused much damage over the past several months thanks to its less dangerous variant Omicron and its sub-variants.

But the COVID scare seems to be back in Delhi.

The rate of hospitalization has doubled from 3.23% on August 1 to 6.23% on August 17, while active cases rose from 4,274 to 6,809 during that period.

Also, Delhi yesterday reported the highest positivity rate at 19.20%.

Dr Suresh Kumar, Medical Director of LNJP Hospital, confirmed that hospitalization has increased in in the last 10 days. He added that most of the infected patients have taken either one or two doses of the COVID vaccine.

Urging people to take their booster shots, Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said: “90 per cent of coronavirus patients admitted to the hospital are those patients who have taken only two doses of the vaccine. At the same time, only 10 per cent of the patients got coronavirus infection after the third dose of the vaccine. It is clear that people who apply the precautionary doses are safer from corona infection.”

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