Cyclone Amphan Forces Route Diversion Of Bhubaneswar-Delhi-Bhubaneswar AC Trains


Bhubaneswar: Cyclone Amphan has forced the Railways to divert the route for 02823/02824 Bhubaneswar-New Delhi-Bhubaneswar AC Special trains starting from Bhubaneswar from May 19 to 22 and from New Delhi from May 18 to 21.

The trains will now travel via Bhubaneswar-Angul-Sambalpur City-Jharsuguda-Rourkela-Tata route, bypassing Bhadrak-Balasore-Hijli route.

Meant to ensure the safety and security of the passengers and trains, the revised route means those going from and coming to Baleswar/Hijli (Kharagpur) will not be able to avail of the service of this train for four days.

East Coast Railway officials are keeping a close watch over developments related to the impending cyclone. Any other information will be conveyed in due course.

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