Fact Check: Does Inhaling Steam Help To Fight COVID-19?

Mumbai: A video of a steam bar in Pune has gone viral.

The video shows a few men inhaling steam blowing out of pipes fixed to pressure cookers. The steam is intended to help fight coronavirus.

Top doctors, however, have warned against the idea. University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health Centre’s Chief of Infectious Diseases, Faheem Younus called it “completely useless” and warned people not to fall in for this scam.

The World Health Organization (WHO)’ Africa Division has also warned against inhaling steam saying that it will not reach cells infected by the virus. It also cautioned that steam can cause burns.

Apollo Hospitals’ forum also stated that there is no evidence that steam inhalation with various infused ingredients can kill the coronavirus. While it may help ease symptoms like congestion, steam inhalation also carries the risks of burns.

steam inhaling covid19 who

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