Fact Check: What Was Milind Soman’s Fitness Tool During Quarantine?

New Delhi: Milind Soman’s obsession with fitness is well known. The model/actor did not stop doing his workout even during quarantine after he along with his wife, Ankita Towar, tested positive for COVID-19 on March 25.

In a video that Soman had posted on Instagram, he was seen exercising with a Mudgar. “Trying some light exercises with a mudgar (sic),” he wrote.


The video features him doing two exercises. For the first exercise, holding the Mudgar in his right hand, Milind swung it behind his neck and brought it in front of his chest a couple of times. For the next exercise, he moved it in a semi-circular motion from left to right. He continues the same move by holding the Mudgar in his left hand, and the video ends with him repeating the first exercise.

India Today found out what is a Mudgar.

It is a type of bat, that resembles a Gada or a heavy mace. It is commonly known as the ‘Indian club’.

Mudgar can be swung back and forth in various ways. It is used to strengthen the arms. Not only that, it is used for a workout of the back and shoulders. It helps in building grip endurance. It also assists in making the joints strong.

Mudgar training helps to strengthen the shoulders. Exercises that are done with Mudgar also benefit in building forearm strength. Using the Mudgar requires concentration, balance, and coordination of the whole body.

It can even improve body posture when used consistently. Mudgar enhances the cardiovascular functioning of the body.

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