Ganesh Puja Ladoo Auctioned For Over Rs 8 Lakh In Odisha’s Mining Town

Angul: The Ganesh Puja celebration in Odisha’s Talcher town came to an end with auction of a huge ladoo offered to the Lord for more than Rs 8 lakh.

The mining town in Angul district witnesses celebration of the festival for 11 days. A number of puja committees across the town set up their highly decorated pandals which are thronged by people from the entire district and outside.

One of the prominent attractions of the annual celebration is auction of a massive ladoo offered to Ganesh. It has become a tradition to conduct the auction on the day of immersion of the idols.

This year, five puja committees participated in the auction of the massive ladoo. The Lord’s favourite sweet item was brought to the stage with the help of a crane and put on a pandal on display so that everybody present there could see it.

Braving the heavy rainfall, hundreds of devotees stayed throughout the auction and cheered the buyers. At the end of the auction, the Lal Bagh Kaniha puja committee won the bidding by quoting a price of Rs 8.71 lakh. Deputy Speaker of Odisha Assembly Rajanikanta Singh gave away the ladoo to the winner.

Following this, the idols were taken in decorated trucks in a procession around the town for immersion. Of around 70 puja pandals this year, 26 committees participated in the immersion ceremony.

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