Have Cable TV Operators Found New Ways Of Fleecing The Customer?

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Family and I moved into our new home a year ago. Once we had settled all the formalities, found good schools for the kids and settled into the new neighbourhood, I started looking around for other necessities like cable TV.


Since I was new to the area, I asked my neighbours for recommendations and I was directed to two cable operators. But I was in for a rude shock when I found out that one of them was giving me packages for TV channels that I did not even want to watch. Bundled in that package were regional channels in languages that I don’t understand. This seemed unfair to me that I was unable to choose what I and my family wanted to watch on TV. With two little children and my elderly parents, we are a family with diverse interests.


I had an idea that this bordered on malpractice. I contacted the other cable operator and thankfully he told me that I could choose the channels me and my family wanted to watch and pay as per the channels we had subscribed to. In fact, Zee even has an Odia channel pack of 18 channels which cost only ₹39! Such a great package of entertainment at such an affordable price, Zee has truly taken into consideration the consumer’s affordability. It has a collection of entertainment, movies, lifestyle and regional content. This sounded too good to be true! My family’s choice of channels at such low rates! And getting access to all the Odia channels in one neat package!



Now, my family is satisfied with the Odia Channel pack. No more deceiving the consumer. Thanks to the packages offered by Zee TV, my family and I am happy.


I think that as consumers it is our duty to find out the various options available in the market and demand affordable prices and more choices. We need not settle for or believe in what we are offered by vendors, who are sometimes unscrupulous.


So next time your cable operator offers you a package that you do not want, ask him to give you more options. And don’t forget to ask your present cable operator for Zee Family Pack


Happy viewing!



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