Here’s Why You Should Include Life Insurance Purchase in 2020 Checklist

At the beginning of every new year, most of us lay down plans for the months to come. It was the same for 2020, yet none of us could have predicted the developments. The global pandemic took us all by surprise. Before we knew it, our entire lifestyle transformed in a matter of a few days.

There is no doubt that we have suffered through the events of this year in different ways. Though, one thing that all of us have in common is that it brought the uncertainty of life into perspective. That is why life insurance plans have never been more relevant than now. In a time of restlessness and anxiety among people, the best life insurance plan can offer much-needed assurance of support.

Let’s discuss the specifics of how life insurance plans can safeguard a family’s future, particularly in the present circumstances.


  1. Financial Security

The primary purpose of life insurance plans is to offer a financial cushion to the policyholder’s family in case of his/her demise. The assurance that your family members will be taken care of even in your absence is invaluable.

It is even more meaningful, considering the general anxiety among people due to the rising number of Coronavirus cases. The promise of security that comes with life insurance plans can put your mind at ease.

  1. Debt Cover

 There are several responsibilities that an earning individual fulfills in their lifetime. Some of the substantial expenses in life, such as buying a home or a car, require the additional help of a loan. In the unfortunate demise of the insured, the family may have to bear the loan repayment burden.


Life insurance plans are instrumental to avoid leaving your loved ones with a debt to repay. It is crucial to invest in the best life insurance plan while you can and meet such financial liabilities in the future.

  1. Comprehensive Protection

 Insurance providers have a wide range of life insurance plans with varying features that cater to diverse financial profiles. You can evaluate the needs particular to your family members and invest accordingly. There is also an option to enhance the coverage by adding riders that offer distinct benefits.

For instance, owing to the distinctive demands of this year, there are COVID-19 insurance policies or riders offered by insurance providers such as Max Life Insurance. Life insurance plans like this can assist with Coronavirus treatment and offer a death benefit, depending on the policy terms.

why you should buy insurance in 2021 

  1. Tax Benefits

 Along with enjoying the fundamental benefits of life insurance plans, policyholders can also reduce their tax liability by purchasing them. The tax benefits of term insurance specified under different sections of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

There are different rates of tax deductions, depending on the policy structure. Policyholders can avail of the tax benefits on the premiums payable as well as the claim settlement amount.

  1. Peace of Mind

Nearly everyone would agree that staying calm and relaxed has been a demanding task this year. It is challenging to keep yourself from continually stressing over the new developments each day. While we are doing our best to deal with a health crisis, life insurance plans can make things substantially more manageable.

The reassurance that life insurance plans offer is valuable regardless of a global pandemic. However, it is safe to say that it can be immensely useful in uncertain times like this. Including the best life insurance plan in your investment portfolio can give you much-needed peace of mind.

How to Buy Life Insurance Plans in 2020?

It is not a surprise that the events of this year have changed the way we look at our lives. Not only that, we have adopted tangible changes in our daily routine as well. Consequently, essential financial products such as life insurance plans hold a more important place in people’s lives.

Whether you had life insurance plans already in place or not, it is a suitable time to reanalyze your financial plans. Several life insurance plans have been redesigned to better meet the financial demands due to the pandemic. So, make the necessary decisions carefully to meet the exact requirements of your family in the foreseeable future.

Protect Your Loved Ones Efficiently

 As we all move towards this year’s end, it is almost unbelievable to look back at the events. While we still fight the devastating effects of the Coronavirus, it is crucial to prepare for them in terms of money. It is in our best interest to examine our choices and avoid any regrets later.

Life insurance plans can provide the desired security and stability in such difficult times. Fortunately, it is never too late to make decisions that will positively impact your loved ones.

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