How Did Government Earn A Whopping Rs 40 Crore?

New Delhi: Believe it or not, the government has freed up space equivalent to four Rashtrapati Bhavans in the massive cleanliness drive that ended on October 31.

Around 8.06 lakh square feet of space has been freed by weeding out 13.73 lakh files between October 2 and October 31, as part of the special drive directed by the Prime Minister last month. The floor space of the Rashtrapati Bhavan is around two lakh square feet, News 18 reported.

Total earning: Nearly Rs 40 crore.

Result: Much cleaner and roomier government offices and buildings.

“The implementation phase of the exercise ended October 31. Figures will be updated by ministries till November 8. These figures are massive,” a senior government official told News18. The total target of files to be weeded out is 15.23 lakh files and the same could be achieved when the figures are updated by November 8.

The rest of the clean-up exercise

Public grievances: 2.92 lakh public grievances disposed of in the said period out of the nearly 3.28 lakh overdue.

Public appeals: Nearly 18,000 filed with higher authorities.

Pending references: Nearly 8,300 ones from MPs cleared.

Parliamentary assurances: 950 responded to.

State government references: Around 940 from Chief Ministers responded to.

Cleanliness drives: 5,000 carried out in the said period

Rules or processes: 685 eased out as part of the simplification of rules.

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