How To Be Safe From Car Fires

Bhubaneswar: Fires can break out at any time. In cars, there’s often a short window to escape before the entire vehicle is aflame. Here are a few ways to keep yourself safe from car fire:

1. Turn off the engine & leave

If you smell smoke or see fire, stop the car immediately and turn it off. Get out of the car immediately, do not waste time trying to get your belongings. Walk at least 100 feet away and call for help. The smoke can be toxic to breathe as well.

2. Break window

In case you are trapped inside the car and the central locking system gets jammed because of the fire, use the detachable headrest of your front seats to break open the glass window. You can also keep a glass-breaking hammer in your dashboard.

3. Keep a fire extinguisher

Keeping a small fire extinguisher inside the car is a good option to douse the fire before help arrives. Avoid using water as there are electrical equipment in cars.

4. Service at authorized places

Service your car at manufacturer recommended intervals and do not go to unauthorized places, especially for electrical and electronic repairs.

CNG/LPG kits should be fitted from authorized centres only and get it endorsed by RTO.

5. Avoid unnecessary features and modifications

Most carmakers advise against installing additional fittings such as speakers, lights and other electronic items. Tampering with wiring of the vehicle can also void the warranty apart from increasing risk of short circuits.

6. Avoid leaving certain items in the car

Unplug mobile chargers when not in use. Use only the ones that meet safety standards. Also do not leave pressurized sprays and cans inside the car. These can explode in extreme heat.

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