Imran Khan’s Medical Report Shows Cocaine Use, Claims Pakistan Minister

Lahore: There is no end to troubles for Imran Khan.

A medical test done on Pakistan’s former Prime Minister when he was under arrest in a corruption case earlier this month revealed the use of alcohol and cocaine.

Revealing this at a press conference on Friday, Pakistani Health minister Abdul Qadir Patel said the medical report was prepared by a panel of five doctors.

If it’s confirmed, Imran — who already has over 100 cases against him ranging from terrorism to corruption — will face further legal action.

The minister said Imran’s urine sample was taken at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad after he was arrested in the Al-Qadir Trust case. The initial medical report revealed the use of “toxic chemicals like alcohol and cocaine,” he informed.

Threatening that the government will make Imran’s medical report public, the minister claimed that the former Premier’s mental stability was questionable. To establish his point, Qadir said there was some “inappropriate gesture” and that Imran’s actions were not that of a “fit man.”

Imran’s ex-wife had earlier accused him of drug abuse, alleging that she had caught the Pakistan Tehreek-E Insaf chief snorting coke.

“The typical day’s cocktail would generally consist of half an ecstasy tablet and one or two lumps of coke, followed by two to three sedatives at night,” Reham had claimed.

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