Increased Screen Time Amid Lockdown Harmful For Children, Warn Doctors

While online classes are ensuring continuity in studies for students during the lockdown, the excessive time spent on screens could lead to health issues such as mental stress, dryness in eyes and spine injuries, among others in children, healthcare experts have warned.

According to experts, parents need to ensure that their children maintain correct body posture while using mobile phones to avoid any spinal problems. Also, as long exposure to screens leads to eyesight weakness as well, therefore, parents should timely indulge them in physical exercises like jumping jacks, squats, skipping, running, and even push-ups.

“Wrong body postures and long screen time affect the thoracic spine, cervical spine and commonly lower back and upper spine, apart from the shoulders. Hence, it is advisable that most children avoid constant screen time and parents must make time for enjoyable games, playful activities so there is no stress,” Orthopedic Surgeon at Apollo hospital, Dr. Manoj Sharma was quoted by India Today as saying.

With the distance between screen and eyes at 30-40 cm, many children complain of pain above their eyebrows due to muscle weakness. Hence, doctors have asked parents to ensure a balanced diet and use a hot compress on the head of their children for 8-10 minutes twice a day.

Besides this, physical activities need to be a part of their daily routine.

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