ISIS-Inspired New Age Terrorists Matter Of Concern

The busting of a recent ISIS inspired terror module by National Investigation Agency (NIA) is a commendable achievement for the security establishment. However, the involvement of the accused, all of whom appear to be educated and belonging to respectable middle class families, is a worrying trend.

In its opinion piece on Thursday, DNA has raised genuine concerns, stating that the involvement of young men, who are by no means impoverished, but are coming under the spell of a foreign terrorist ideology and become highly radicalised, needs serious thinking.

Holding them as ‘new age terrorists’, the Paper said their indoctrination comes through the internet, without arousing the suspicion of the family or neighbour.

Therefore, the issue should not be treated as a pure law and order subject. The society has to step in to win the trust of such impressionable young minds and religious leaders should be roped in to dissuade the misguiding youths, it opined.

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