Israel Claims Breakthrough With ‘Antibody’ In Coronavirus Treatment


Israel’s Defence Minister Naftali Bennett has claimed that his country has made a significant breakthrough towards the treatment for the deadly coronavirus.

Bennett visited the labs of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziona and was shown the “antibody that attacks the virus in a monoclonal way and can neutralize it within the bodies of those ill,” according to the statement from his office.

The statement, however, did not specify whether human trials were conducted.

IIBR Director Shmuel Shapira said that the antibody formula was being patented, after which an international manufacturer would be sought to mass-produce it.

Notably Gilead Science’s Remdivisir is being touted as a possible cure to the infection. The US government has already granted permission to its hospitals to use Remdevisir to treat COVID-19 patients.

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