Know The Lockdown Restrictions & Timings In Odisha’s Sonepur District

Sonepur: The District Magistrate and Collector of Sonepur, in an order dated July 22, clarified restrictions during curfew hours and services exempted in the district during lockdown till July 31.

During weekdays, that is, Monday to Friday, all shops including those selling essential commodities like vegetable, groceries, fish, chicken, meat, egg etc will remain operational from 6 am to 4 pm. Once curfew is imposed during lockdown period, from 4 pm, only shops selling with milk, baby food and medicines will remain open.

During the weekend shutdown, on Saturday and Sunday, shops selling essential commodities like vegetables, groceries, fish, chicken, meat, egg will be allowed to do business from 6 am to 1 pm only, while all other shops (non-essential cornmodities ) will remain closed for 48 hours.

Milk, baby food and medicine shops will remain open during weekend.

Home delivery of food, groceries, vegetables, egg, fish, meat and other essential items by restaurants and aggregators will be allowed.

There has been a surge in positive coronavirus cases in Sonepur over the last few days.

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