Lunar Eclipse: SJTA Meet To Decide Final Schedule Of Rituals At Jagannath Temple In Odisha’s Puri

Puri: Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) will hold a meeting for revision of the schedule for the rituals on lunar eclipse in Jagannath Temple at Odisha’s Puri town.

According to sources, the SJTA decided to hold the meeting after scholars and astrologers pointed out mistake in the timing already finalised by it. In its final schedule announced earlier, the administration had stated that the rituals for the deities of the temple on the day of lunar eclipse on November 8 would be completed before 8.29 am. It had also advised the people to abstain from taking food and not to perform puja after this time.

But the scholars pointed out that the rituals should be stopped before sunrise on the day as per the astrological calculations. Following the controversy over the timing, the SJTA decided to meet for revision of the schedule for the rituals, said temple management committee member Durga Prasad Mohapatra.

The meeting to be attended by members of rituals sub-committee of the temple and Chhatis Nijog will hold a detailed discussion on the timings on November 1 or 2. Since Kartik Purnima will also be celebrated on the day, all the rituals and offering of different prasads will be rescheduled on the day, he added.

The lunar eclipse will start at 2.38 pm and end at 6.18 pm on November 8. As per the schedule already announced, the main doors of the temple will be opened at midnight and the ritual of Rosahoma will be performed at 2 am, Surya Puja at 2.40 am, Dwarapala puja and Rajarajadhibesa at 3 am, Gopalaballav at 3.30 am, morning puja and Kothabhoga from 3.50 am to 4.50 am, Bhogamandap and Baladhupa at 5 am, Bandapana at 5.40 am, end of Bhogamandap at 7.30 am and Mailama at 7.40 am.

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