Lunar Tides Delay Release Of Floodwaters Into Sea: Odisha Govt

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Tuesday said that the release of the floodwaters into the sea has been delayed due to the lunar tides.

Briefing the media, engineer-in-chief, Water Resources Department, Jyotirmay Rath said although the water level in all major rivers has receded, the release of the floodwater into the sea has been delayed due to the impact of the full moon.

“As the water responds to the moon’s gravitational force by flowing toward it, this makes a bulge on the surface of the ocean. As a result, the high tide pushes the river water. As this phenomenon takes place a week before and after the full moon day, it can be said that the floodwaters will be released after the full moon day from September 2,” he pointed out.

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