Now, Shabana, Javed Akhtar & Naseeruddin Dubbed Agents Of ‘Tukde-Tukde’ Gang

Bhopal: The term ‘tukde-tukde gang’ has been used by some BJP leaders to describe people who they feel are working against the interests of the country.

Six years ago, the colloquial term was possibly used for the first time in reference to then-JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested for allegedly raising slogans calling for independence of Kashmir from India.

Now, eminent actors Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah and celebrated lyricist Javed Akhtar have been dragged into that ‘league’.

Accusing them of being agents of ‘tukde tukde’ gang, Madhya Pradesh Home minister Narottam Mishra accused the film personalities of launching an outcry only over issues in BJP-ruled states.

“People like Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah are the sleeper cells of ‘tukde-tukde’ gang who create ruckus only on incidents that happen in BJP-ruled states, while keeping silent on what is happening in Congress-ruled states like Rajasthan and Jharkhand. Now these people have been exposed,” Mishra said during a press conference.

The minister’s remarks came after Shabana broke down during a TV show while talking about the early release of 11 convicts in the Bilkis Bano rape case.

Mishra said Shabana did not say anything about tailor Kanhaiya Lal being murdered in Rajasthan or the woman who was burnt alive in Jharkhand, referring to the Dumka murder case.

“Now, if something happens in a BJP-ruled state, Naseeruddin Shah will say he is scared of living in the country, and the Award-wapasi gang will raise a hue and cry,” Mishra said.

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