Know The Single-Use Plastic Products Banned In Urban Areas Of Odisha From Tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: Beginning tomorrow, the ban on the use of single-use plastic in the urban areas of Odisha will become a reality. The Forest and Environment Department has directed all departments and civic bodies to ensure strict adherence to the ban.

Here is a list of products banned and allowed by the Forest and Environment Department, Government of Odisha.


  • Drinking water PET/ PETE bottles of less than 200 ml capacity.
  • Plastic mineral water pouches
  • Plastic bags (with handle/without handle)
  • One time use / single use disposable items made of thermocol (Polystyrene)
    or Plastic e.g. dish, spoon, cup, plate, glass, fork, bowl, container etc.
  • Disposable dishes /bowls used for packaging food in hotels and plastic straws
  • Use of plastic and thermocol for decoration

What is allowed

  • PET/ PETE bottles with a capacity of 200 ml. or more
  • Plastic packaging material with more than 50 micron thickness with minimum two grams weight used to seal groceries and grain products for wholesale & retail (printed with manufacturer’s details, type of plastic with code number and buy-back price under EPR)
  • Compostable plastic bags used for plant nurseries, horticulture, agriculture and
    handling of solid waste
  • Paper-based carton packaging using one or more layer of plastic
  • Recyclable multilayered plastic (chips packet, shampoo sachets, oil packets, chocolate packets etc.)
  • Plastic items used for domestic purpose such as racks, trays and dustbins
  • Plastic for packaging of medicines, medical equipment and medical products
  • Thermocol boxes to preserve fish in fishery business
  • Other plastic products such as raincoats, tents, covering sheets etc

Forest and Environment Department Secretary Mona Sharma also asked officials to avoid the use of plastic items in their respective offices and ensure strict compliance of the rule by others in the state.

Besides, cinema hall owners have been asked to exhibit slides regarding the restriction of plastic use in the state for one year.

The State Pollution Control Board has been assigned the job of closing down industries producing plastic products, which do not comply with the order.

Vendors have to dispose of all prohibited articles within one month from the date of publication of the order.

Earlier on Gandhi Jayanti in 2018, the state had imposed a ban on plastic usage in six major cities — Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Berhampur, Rourkela, Sambalpur and Puri.



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