Odisha Women Say A Big ‘Thank You’ To Men In Their Life

Bhubaneswar: How often have we women taken time out, to express gratitude to the kind, supportive and understanding men in our life? How many times have we asked if they are doing okay?

November 19, a day since 1999, is dedicated to all of these men we see around and their not-so-talked-about mental health. It is celebrated globally to raise awareness on the issue and address male suicide, which has been the biggest killer among men under the age of 45.

Conceived first in February 1991, the project was inaugurated a year later and was revived much later in 1999 in the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It also focuses on promoting a constructive dialogue between both the genders.

Odisha Bytes spoke to some women about their feelings on men’s mental health and them in general.

Shovna Sethi

We are at a juncture when men are blindly judged as bad! They are being associated with hate, attack and crime, which I don’t personally accept. I have come across some brilliant men in my life. Here, men don’t necessarily mean boyfriend, life partner, better half, and the likes, but my father, my brothers, my friends. They are like the pillars of my life. They hold me, balance my life and give me enormous support and without whom I couldn’t stand straight! I want to tell them all that I love the way they treat me, love me and care for me.

Shikha Swaroop

I think most men command respect for their selfless efforts to satisfy the family’s need. There are so many common and little things that they do, make me happy. Like, a brother protecting his sister or husband comforting his wife. I am amazed at how they have the power to control emotions. They are an integral part of a family.

Subhasmita Biswal

The men I have met in my life are amazing. I find them simple and flexible. They adjust and cope up with changing situations seamlessly, and are not as complicated. I think, men should be given their space too and let us stop expecting the world from men. Let them be and let them relax!

Amisha Das

I think the responsibility on a man in the Indian society is huge and that goes unnoticed. Fatherhood is something that should be appreciated more often, which in general, is very underrated. We never go and ask our father about workplace issues or what is troubling him or how his day was? Men are always under this pressure to do everything! And, the conditioning which plants in them this ego and the idea that they have to save it all, is wrong. Both the genders have to rest to give in, relax and understand.

Rhiti Chaterjee

I am thankful for having a son. It’s helping me understand the challenges boys go through while growing up. They are forced to man up. Children make fun of boys who cry or are feminine. I believe, masculinity should not be restricted to CIS men. Let everyone, including men, have their own emancipated way of living where they too can choose who they wish to be.”

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