#PrayForAustralia Trends As Skies Turn Blood Red


The forest fires in Australia have shaken the entire world. Images and videos of dead and trapped animals, climate change, ashes are doing the rounds on the internet.

The fires, which is reportedly an effect of climate change, have damaged an estimated 5 million hectares of land. Around 8,000 Koalas, which is 30 per cent of the population is said to have perished.

Australia is witnessing its hottest and driest season this year with temperatures soaring to almost 50 degrees Celsius.

It is also estimated that over 480 million birds, animals and reptiles have already been lost because of the fires.

Images from South Australia show the sky turned blood red and smoky. The smoke has reportedly reached New Zealand as well.

Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez also tweeted about the fire.



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