‘Pushyabhisek’ Rituals Underway At Puri Jagannath Temple

Puri: Special rituals are underway at Jagannath Temple in Puri on the occasion of ‘Pousha Sukla Pakhsha Purnima Tithi’ on Monday.

The deities of the 12th century shrine were adorned with gold jewellery for the special ‘Raja Rajeswar Vesha’ or ‘Suna Besha’.

After ‘Sakaladhupa’ ritual and ‘Pushyabhisekha’, the devotees get to witness the deities in ‘Suna Besha’.

Notably, the sibling deities adorn this look five times in a year. The ‘Suna Besha’ Niti during ‘Pousha Purnima’ is one among them.

The day before ‘Pousha Purnima’, ‘Adhibasa’ festival organised at Bhoga Mandap after the ‘Chandana Lagi’ ritual of deities.

Security arrangements in the temple have been tightened on the occasion. The temple administration has erected barricade from Bada Danda to the temple for the smooth darshan of the deities.

The devotees are taking the Singha Dwara to enter the temple and using Dakhina Dwara as the exit point.

Likewise, ‘Pushyabhisek’ rituals were also conducted at Alarnath in Brahmagiri. The deity in the Alarnath temple was made to bath in 108 pitchers of water, and adorned in ‘Rajadhi Raj Vesha’. The water for the bath ritual was collected from ‘Pancha Tirtha’ earlier.

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