Rahul Gandhi Enjoying ‘Easy Work’! Find Out Why


Rahul Gandhi, who returned to his former constituency of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday for the first time after his defeat at his home base, termed the work of opposition as “most enjoyable” and “easy”, NDTV reported.

Addressing Congress workers, Rahul said, “Narendra Modi is Prime Minister, Yogi ji is Chief Minister and the Member of Parliament is from BJP (Smriti Irani). We have to do the work of the opposition now. You know that the work of the opposition is most enjoyable. It is easy. So now you have to do the work of the opposition in Amethi.”

In a stunning poll result, Union Minister Smriti Irani had defeated the Gandhi scion in what was until then his stronghold by over 55,000 votes. Before the 2019 defeat, Rahul, 49, had represented Amethi for 15 years. He took over from his mother Sonia Gandhi in 2004. This year, he was elected to parliament from the second seat he contested, Wayanad in Kerala.

During his hour-long meeting with Congress workers, Rahul assured them that he would be there whenever Amethi needed him. “Don’t think that I don’t belong to you. I will keep visiting. Have to devote time to Wayanad too, but I’d devote time to you as well. I was Amethi MP for 15 years. I have old ties with Amethi, bonds of love. I’m there whenever you need me. Be it at night or 4 in the morning,” he said.

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