Rahul on Paper Aeroplane; No Signs Yet Of Becoming Next PM


Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s persistent and “reckless” attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Rafale deal is not going to bring down the Modi Government. Nor will it impact his administration. Rahul would be naive to believe that he can do a Bofors on Modi just as the scandal of the 1980s brought down Rajiv Gandhi from power.

Senior journalist Tavleen Singh in her column in the Indian Express on Sunday said the Congress scion is still on a “paper aeroplane” and there is no sign that he is going to become the next prime minister. He is drunk with the “exhilaration of flying high for the first time in his political career” following the Congress victory in three states, she said.

Making a stinging attack on Gandhi for taking the political discourse on the Rafale deal to a new low , blissfully ignoring the fact that the Rafale jets are vital for nation’s security, Singh regretted that the repeated attacks will certainly ensure that it will be a few more decades before these fighters come. He is also not one with fewer MPs in Lok Sabha to challenge the PM for a debate.

However, time has come for Modi to intervene because the charges are directed at him. “The stupidest lies told over and over again can begin to sound like truth. So please speak Mr Modi’, she opined.

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