Shikhar Dhawan Gears Up For Bollywood Debut

New Delhi: Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan is a busy man nowadays. The 36-year-old left-handed batsman is making his acting debut in Bollywood alongside Huma Qureshi in the Satram Ramani-directorial Double XL. The movie is scheduled for release on November 4. Acting seems to come naturally to Dhawan as is evident by the reels he shares on social media.

“When I went to the set, they taught me to dance; I picked it up easily. I was asked to dance for a specific scene, so I did it honestly, played my part and enjoyed it. I was confident that I could pull it off. Even though the role is small, I hope my fans like me in this new avatar.”

The script, which deals with body-image issues and society’s perception of beauty, was what motivated Dhawan to take on the role. “When this opportunity came to me and I heard the story, it made a deep impact on me. The film aims to deliver a healthy message to society and has the potential to start a conversation. This is a lovely message for the whole society, and I hope a lot of young girls and boys will keep pursuing their dreams no matter what,” he was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

 “As an athlete playing for the nation, life is always very hectic. One of my favourite pastimes is to watch good, entertaining films. This is a different new life altogether; it was a shoot for 8-9 hours and I really enjoyed shooting with the crew and the team. Everyone at the set was very supportive and the director of the movie and co-actor Huma Qureshi were warm and kind throughout the shoot,” he added.
About his co-star, Huma Qureshi, he said she is very humble, happy and a good-hearted person. Both being Delhiites, they had a good banter and enjoyed the shooting schedule in truly Dilliwalah style.
So, are more movies in the offing? “Yes! If I get an opportunity and if I have time. Everything depends on my schedule. Of course, cricket is my priority and World Cup ODI and IPL is coming. I am looking forward to more opportunities surely that come my way whether it is TV or movies. I think acting comes very normal to me, as you can also see in the reels which I am making for the fans of my page. Till the time my cricket is not getting disturbed by it, I am open for more opportunities,” he told HT.

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