Sibling Deities Of Puri Jagannath Temple Don Raja Rajeswar Besha On Kartika Purnima

Puri: The sibling deities of Jagannath Temple in Odisha’s Puri donned Raja Rajeswar Besha or Suna Besha, on the auspicious occasion of Kartika Purnima, on Friday.

After Abakash ritual (morning brushing of teeth and procedure of bathing of deities) at the 12th-century shrine, the Pushpalak sevakas (servitors) decorated the deities with ornaments and Patabastra.

“The deities are adorned with the golden Shree Bhuja, Shri Payara, Kirita, Odiani, Kundala, Chandrasurya, Chita, Chandrika, Sankha Chakra, Hala Mushala, Trisakha, Alaka, Tadagi, Srimukha Padma, Ghagada Mali, Kadamba Mali, Bahada Mali, Tabija Mali, Baghanakhi Mali, and Sebati Mali, on this occasion,” informed Pandit Suryanarayan Rathsharma, a researcher.

After Gopala Ballabha, Sakala Dhupa and Bhoga Mandapa rituals, the Lords usually give darshan to devotees.

However, the district administration decided to keep the temple shut, anticipating huge gatherings on Kartika Purnima, in view of the COVID pandemic.

Despite the restrictions, devotees congregated outside the temple this morning to offer prayers only to be shooed away by the police personnel deployed at the spot.


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