‘Snatch Freedom’: Imran Khan Tells Supporters To Protest Across Pakistan

Lahore: Imran Khan may have got bail from Islamabad High Court the day after Pakistan’s Supreme Court declared his arrest as unlawful, but the former Prime Minister is still fuming.

The 70-year-old has around 120 cases registered against him across the country on issues ranging from corruption and terrorism, and the current regime is in no mood to spare him. In fact, plans are afoot to re-arrest him.

Imran’s brief arrest and detention last week triggered violent nationwide protests, and such unrest could be seen again, if Imran’s provocative comments are anything to go by.

The head of Pakistan Tehreef-e-Insaf party, who still enjoys tremendous popularity in the country, called for nationwide “freedom” protests in an address broadcast on YouTube last night.

“Freedom does not come easily. You have to snatch it. You have to sacrifice for it,” said the former cricket superstar, who was ousted from power in April last year.

He urged his supporters to hold protests “at the end of your streets and villages” across Pakistan on Sunday, and announced that he would return to campaigning on Wednesday, demanding immediate elections.

He has led a sustained and vociferous campaign of defiance against the powerful Pakistan military, which has ruled the country for almost half of its 75-year history, and continues to wield great power over the political system.

Imran’s arrest from the Islamabad High Court premises on Tuesday came just hours after he was rebuked for saying that senior officials had a role behind an assassination attempt against him last year.

“The army chief’s actions have made our military bad. It is because of him, not because of me,” Imran said from his Lahore residence.

He had earlier said that “one man, the army chief” was behind his arrest.

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