Sunday Poem: Fire

This is an excerpt from the section titled Life from the poet's collection "Trips and Trials: A Selection of Poems and Songs" published in 2018

Eternal Flame

Symbol of Hope,
Fearless cosmic force
Dancing in the wind
With increasing intensity
Blazing in fury untold,
Crackling, smouldering
Mysterious destinies of Life
To destroy or unfold.

Incandescent rays
Kindling embers in a stony hearth,
Soothing the spirit,
With warmth,
On a dark chilly night.
Harbinger of Life,
And Death
Of the Hindu.
The benevolence of Brahma
The infinite knowledge of Yama
Hope and fear twinned forever
In the fusion of cosmic dance.
Sacred Fire
Absolve any remnants of fear
That I may harbour,
No, that my soul may harbour –
When You engulf my spirit

as they light my pyre of sandalwood.

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