Sunday Poem: Goodbye

Smitten by living

Drowned in experience

I was heedless

Till a moment fraught
Taught me
the lesson of mortality
Not morbid but prescient.

I finally opened
The Bhagvad Gita of life
Learnt that birth is
But a preparation of death
It is only this
Now and here,
That is ephemeral and eternal.

Oh dearly beloved
Architect of blood
And filial tenderness
Oh soul of my being
Haven of care
Oh fount of wisdom
And cherished smile
Warm armed
Lotus palmed
Deer eyed

The heart of attachment
Was extinguished in a moment
And in that moment
The essence of love
Became the dust of detachment
Obliterated except in the endless mind

Eyes, ears, arms, tears
Seek revalidation
And I’m left with the trophy
Of a framed photo
And the goodbye
Of two charred feet

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