Sunday Poem: Lake Tahoe

Was it paradise? Heaven on earth?

Bewildered by the magnificence of eternity
counted on His creation of beauty
mesmerized by lake’s peaceful enormity
embedded serenity in my life’s proximity.

High mountains serpentine pathways
little green patches scattered snows
lake looking majestic deep down
crystal blue water in smiling ripples
basking in sun with stones and pebbles.

Far away in a foreign land of strangers
a different continent with varied cultures
to sit by her side she called me softly
heart pacing faster and hands entangled
lost in the ambience of immersed blue water.

Wanted to admire her in changing weathers wishes fulfilled with unpredicted snowfalls
rains transformed her into a lake of jewels
asking me to wear a necklace of pearls
pleading to visit her again when it snows.

A brief sojourn with indelible memories
saying good bye to part with a heavy heart
everytime I think of the spectacular views
like flowers of spring my existence blooms
I keep reminiscing my adoration for Tahoe
with surrendered heart and renewed gratitude.

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