Suvendu Highlights TMC’s ‘Misdeeds’, Says None With Self-Esteem Can Be With Them


Kolkata: One of ruling Trinamool Congress’ most trusted lieutenants till a few weeks ago, former West Bengal minister Suvendu Adhikari’s defection to the BJP is being considered as a masterstroke by the saffron camp.

With assembly elections in the state just three-four months away, both TMC and BJP have started campaigning full steam. On Thursday, Tamluk MLA Suvendu highlighted several corrupt practices of the state government at a public rally in his own constituency.

Explaining why he left TMC, Suvendu said anyone with self-esteem cannot be part of the ruling party. “If you look at the list of MPs from TMC, 11 of the 22 live around the same south Kolkata address. Of the 40 ministers, 17 are within the periphery of south Kolkata address. What about representation from other districts of the state? Someone had to bell the cat, I did,” said the former transport minister.

Not for the first time, he took on ‘bhaipo’ (nephew) Abhishek Banerjee.

“The nephew is talking big. He is saying that tolabaj (those who collect money for the party forcibly) have all gone to the BJP. I ask him, where is Vinay Mishra, your favourite? In 2011, the party declared both Suvendu and Abhishek as ‘youth’ leaders. By 2013, Vinay Mishraji was appointed vice-president of youth Trinamool Congress. The nephew, later in July, tweeted that Mishraji had been made state’s TMC youth general secretary. Mishra had a pie in both cow trafficking as well as illegal coal mining. There have been raids in 5 of his houses. The nephew has to come clean on his relation with Vinay Mishra. People of the state want to know why the man was accorded six security personnel for his safety.”

The Jangalmahal strongman went on to ‘reveal’ more on his former party.

“People have now come to know every misdeed of the party. Shoes for primary school students are supplied from Kolkata. The shoes do not even fit the kids. Bags supplied to them are torn and the uniform has a share of 50:50 for party favourites. I know some of it as I was once an insider. For every cycle, there is cut money of Rs 400. Even that needs to be repaired first if it’s to be used. The Bengal gram supplied to kids in primary schools is so poor in quality that even cows refuse to eat it.”

On a sarcastic note, Suvendu said TMC wants to know what has been his ‘deal’ with BJP.

“I say that the so-called ‘deal’ is that SSC exams will happen each year, TET students will not submit blank answer sheets, there will be no answer sheet exchange in PSC exams. Tell me, where do you see such things in democracy? I have done student politics. They have not conducted students’ union election for the last four years. They have turned universities into party offices. The Pro-VCs are all party loyalists.”

Suvendu’s message to new inductees to the BJP from TMC was: “This party (TMC) has ruined the lives of unemployed youth. If you do not remove them, there will be no development, no employment. In the last Lok Sabha election, BJP won 18 seats. They had leads in 120 assembly seats. It is now our responsibility to help them cross 200 seats. In Tamluk Vidhan Sabha segment, there was was a deficit of 5,000 for the BJP. I would like to believe it will not be there anymore. BJP can count on this seat of mine as well.”

He signed off by throwing a challenge to TMC. “I will meet you again tomorrow (Friday) at Nandigram, where more than one lakh people will be present… will again take (TMC) them on,” he said, in reference to TMC also planning a rally in the same area soon.

Tamluk TMC president Bishwanath Mahapatra switched over to BJP with some of his followers.

Meanwhile, state BJP leadership will hold a rally on January 12 from Shyambazar to the ancestral house of Swami Vivekananda to celebrate his birth anniversary. Instead of carrying party flags, BJP leaders and workers will be carrying the Tricolour at the rally.

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