Teen Dies In Sleep After Phone On Charger Explodes

Fourteen-year-old Alua Asetkyzy Abzalbek was found dead in her bed with an exploded phone beside her. Alua was reportedly sleeping with her phone plugged into a power socket at her home in Bastobe, Kazakhstan.

The phone’s battery exploded close to her head. It is believed that she suffered severe head injuries and died immediately.

Forensic experts have confirmed that the phone exploded due to overheating while charging.

The phone’s brand hasn’t been disclosed.

Protect Yourself

Phones have lithium batteries which might explode when overheated. Experts believe that the best way to protect yourself to use the original charger and not to use the phone while charging. Also, it is best to avoid covers and cases that can prevent heat from escaping. Keeping a charging phone on the bed can also contribute to heat build-up.

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