This State Hikes Liquor Prices By 20-25%

Hyderabad: In a late-night development, the Telangana government hiked prices of all types of liquor brands by 20 to 25 per cent with the hope to mop up Rs 15,000 crore tax revenue.

The price of 1,000 ml liquor has been increased by Rs 120 and would now cost Rs 615, while the hike in the price of a liquor (quarter) bottle will be Rs 20, Rs 40 for a half bottle and Rs 80 for a full bottle. Prices of Indian-made foreign liquor will also go up by 20 per cent, the TOI reported.

The new prices will come into effect from Thursday.

Notably, the state had earned Rs 30,000 crore from liquor sales in 2021-22 with the tax income reported at Rs 12,000 crore. It has been facing a severe funds crunch to continue its welfare programmes with the Centre tightening norms on loans and market borrowings.


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