Three Indian-American Siblings Raise Over $280,000 For Medical Supplies In India Amid COVID Surge


Three Indian-American siblings (triplets) have raised more than $280,000 to send essential oxygen supplies for COVID-19 patients in India.

They are founders of an NGO ‘Little Mentors’. The trio reached out to their school friends and families for funds so that they could arrange life-saving equipment like oxygen concentrators and ventilators for needy patients and hospitals in and around Delhi, Business Today reported quoting PTI.

“Our only request is to return it (the equipment) when it’s not further needed as the next patient can use it, 15-years-old Gia, Karina and Armaan Gupta were quoted as saying.

This is important as the supply of this equipment is very scarce and the affected population is enormous, they said. The triplets said they also plan to keep a database of the needy population so that supply could be properly directed, the report added.

“We need everybody’s help in this as such an enormous task can only be accomplished by teamwork. We are very fortunate to work with an excellent team of physicians, both in the US and India. We are further working on getting vaccine supplies,” they were quoted as saying.

Earlier, the triplets worked to reach out to senators and congressmen, requesting to lift the critical supply embargo. “Although we hope and pray that this second wave of the coronavirus will go away soon, we are getting ready for the worst and asking people to be careful and help each other in this major crisis,” they said.

Besides, the group plans to open distribution centres in major cities.

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