To My Oldest Friend

My friend I have known you for so long,
Probably the longest since I was born.

You stay with me like my shadow,
You are always there, at the edge of every horizon.

Whatever may come whoever may go,
I could always,
Find you waiting for me.

It didn’t matter what the tides of life had to throw,
In my sleepless nights,
In my moments of emptiness,
You have never left my side.

You have seen my darkest hours,
the depths of my despair.
Whenever the world disappointed me,
I’ve found solace in you.

You have through some chink,
Found your way into my life.
You have always been with me.
My oldest companion..
My undying loneliness.

I don’t know why I try to fight,
Is it because of sorrow and heartache you bring?
And how they follow me forever,
waiting for a chance to take over.

Or is it because of the depths you take me down to?
Yet, no matter the desire to cast you away,
or the endeavor to find Someone to take your place,
You have stayed..

Times have passed by,
but you have always been there,
somewhere somehow,
No one has ever replaced you..
As long as I’ve known.

So much so that you’ve become a part of my core,
You feel like part of who I am.
Yet I still long for you to go…

Fade away along with the depths of woe,
Into an oblivion that i will never know
and maybe bathe fondly in your afterglow.

Will something ever take the place that you’ve held for so long?
Or will you follow till the end of my time?
Or will you also someday..

Leave me behind?

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