Train Services Hit Due To Heavy Rain In Coastal Odisha

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Bhubaneswar: Khurda Road and Bhubaneswar railway stations and Puri Yard remained inundated with heavy rain lashing coastal Odisha since Friday night, leading to disruption in train services. The water level has, however, started to recede now, East Coast Railway sources said.

A. Trains Rerouted/Delayed

1. 08091 Bhubaneswar-Puri Rath Yatra Special Train left Sakhigopal at 0811 hrs instead of 0635 hrs
2. 58403 Khurda-Puri Passenger Train left Khurda Road at 0820 hrs instead of 0635 hrs 0700 hrs
3. 18463 Bhubaneswar-Bangalore Prasanti Express left Bhubaneswar at 0635 hrs instead of 0530 hrs
4. 12837 Howrah-Puri Express left Retang at 0628 hrs instead of 0550 hrs
5. 22819 Bhubaneswar-Visakhapatnam SF Express left Bhubaneswar at 0920 hrs instead of 0735 hrs
6. 17015 Bhubaneswar-Secunderabad Visakha Express left Bhubaneswar at 0900 hrs instead of 0830 hrs
7. 22644 Thiruvananthapuram-Salimar Express left Bhubaneswar at 0907 hrs instead of 0714 hrs
8. 12839 Howrah-Chennai Central mail left Bhubaneswar at 0755 hrs instead of 0702hrs
9. 18451 Hatia-Puri Tapaswini Express left Bhubaneswar at 0910 hrs instead of 0635 hrs
10. 15644 Puri-Kamakhaya Express left Mancheswar Station at 0908 hrs instead of 0700 hrs
11. 18117 Rourkela-Gunupur Rajya Rani Express left Bhubaneswar at 0912 hrs instead of 0810 hrs
12. 18426 Puri-Durg Express left Mancheswar station at 0918 hrs. instead of 0838 hrs
13. 58416 Puri-Cuttack left Puri station at 0815 hrs instead of 0800 hrs
14. 58417 Puri-Gunupur left Delangr at 0900 hrs instead of 0830 hrs
15. 18416/18414 Barbil-Puri Express left Motari Station at 0855 hrs instead of 0650 hrs
16. 12278 Howrah-Puri Satabdi Express left Khurda Road station at 0838 hrs instead of 0630 hrs
17. 22832 Howrah-Sri Satya Sai Prasanti Nilayam Express left Kaipadar Road at 0940 hrs instead of 0730 hrs
18. 18507 Visakhapatnam-Amritsar Hirakud Express left Khurd Road station at 0910 hrs instead of 0630 hrs
19. 22641 Ernakulam-Patna Express left Khurda Road station at 0855 hrs instead of 0600 hrs
20. 20817 Howrah-Mysore Express left Bhubaneswar at 0740 hrs instead of 0710 hrs

B. Train Cancelled

1. All Rath Yatra Special Trains between Khurda Road-Puri-Khurda Road and Khurda Road-Nayagarh-Khurda Road
2. 58535/58536 Cuttack-Paradip-Cuttack Passenger Train
3. 02891/02892 Bhubaneswar-Puri-Bhubaneswar Rath Yatra Special Passenger train

C. Trains Short Terminated

58436 Cuttack-Bhadrak Passenger train leaving Cuttack will be short-terminated at Jajpur Keonjhar Road and run as 58435 Bhadrak-Cuttack Passenger from Jajpur Keonjar Road. The services of 58436/58435 Cuttack-Bhadrak-Cuttack Passenger will remain cancelled between Jajpur Keojhar Road-Bhadrak.

Meanwhile, train services have been affected following landslide between Rayagada-Koraput and Rauli-Leliguma area of Kalyansinghpur block. As a result, Hirakhand Express and Koraput-Vishakhapatnam DMU had to be short-terminated at Bhalumuska and Tikiri railway stations respectively.



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