Ukrainian Embassies Receive ‘Bloody Packages’ Containing Animal Eyes!

Kyiv: In a spine-chilling development, a number of Ukrainian embassies have received “bloody packages” containing animal eyes, the foreign ministry said.

It follows a series of letter bombs which were sent to addresses in Spain, including Ukraine’s embassy in Madrid.

According to Ukrainian spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko, the packages — soaked in a liquid with a distinctive colour and smell — were sent to embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia and Italy, and to general consulates in Naples and Krakow, and the consulate in Brno.

“We are studying the meaning of this message,” Nikolenko wrote on Facebook.

Ukraine Foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba ordered all concerned embassies and consulates to be placed under heightened security. Six letter bombs were sent earlier this week to Spain, including PM Pedro Sanchez and US Embassy to Madrid.

Nikolenko informed that the entrance to the flat of ambassador to the Vatican had been vandalised, while in Rome, human faeces were left in front of the door. The embassy in Kazakhstan received a bomb threat.

Nikolenko further stated that the embassy in the US received a letter containing an article that was critical about Ukraine.

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