Un-Hallmarked Jewellery? Do This Before You Sell Or Exchange It

New Delhi: As per the government’s new rules, from April 1 this year, all gold jewellery must have a Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) number. If you have old un-hallmarked gold jewellery and want to exchange or sell it, you must get it hallmarked. Here’s what you should know.

What is HUID?

The Hallmark Unique Identification number on a gold artefact offers a distinct characteristic to the product. It also ensures that the gold item has the promised purity. The gold articles must have the purity mark, for example, 22-carat, and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) logo.

Want to sell old un-hallmarked jewellery? Do this

Gold jewellery without a hallmark cannot be sold, according to government regulations. If you have old un-hallmarked gold ornaments to exchange or sell, you have to get them hallmarked with a HUID. If your jewellery has already been etched with old/earlier hallmark signs, you need not go through the hallmarking process. In this case, gold without HUID will be accepted.

Apart from this, gold under two grams, jewellery meant for international exhibitions, any article meant for export which is set to the specific requirement of the foreign buyer, and fountain pens, watches or special types of ornaments are exempted from hallmarking.

Jewellers with an annual turnover of below Rs 40 lakh are also exempted from the process, according to a News18 report.

Want to get old gold jewellery hallmarked?

Customers can get the jewellery tested from any BIS-recognised hallmarking centre. The person will have to pay Rs 45 per article, in case the number of items to be tested is five or more. In case the consignment has four articles, the charge will be Rs 200.

You can also get their ornaments hallmarked through a jeweller registered with the BIS. The jeweller will take the item to the BIS Assaying and Hallmarking Centre for the process.

How will the changes affect customers?

The new hallmarking rules will make the process of buying gold more transparent and ensure that the quality of the products is maintained. Jewellers who do not get the gold hallmarked could face one-year imprisonment, a penalty amounting to five times the price of gold jewellery or both, the report added.

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